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What is Gymnazo?
Give us 3 weeks and get:
- A 3D Movement Assessment
- 2 Semi-Private Sessions
- Unlimited Group Training (Virtual and In-Person)

$149 ($200 Savings) for 1 Month

We've all probably spent more time at home than ever this past year, which means more time sitting and being less active than you wanted to be. But now that things are starting to turn around, it's time to get back to the old days when you were out and about, moving around and living life to the fullest. 

However, a lack of activity over a long period of time takes its toll. You're not moving as well and maybe even experiencing some aches and pains that weren't there a year ago. The good news is, that's all fixable and we can help reverse those pesky effects this past year had on your body. 

With that said, give us 3 weeks to help you get moving again. We'll help you uncover and address any movement related pains or discomforts you may be experiencing with a 3D Movement Assessment and 2 Semi-Private sessions. Plus unlimited access to all of our group classes both virtual and in-person.

This may be our best offer yet and it's only here for the month of September, so click below to get more information and get back to moving and living better. 
Three classes, countless exercises and the highest rated fitness experience in SLO 
Melt. Mold. Move.
When you’re disciplined in your fitness it’s common to start to see signs of wear and tear that threaten your ability to keep up your ideal fitness level. We offer an easy way to integrate flexibility into your busy life so you can recover and restore your body and sustain your favorite fitness activities.
An inclusive workout program that helps you become fit and healthy. If you’re struggling to get back into shape or intimidated to start, this program is perfect for you. It’s fun, welcoming and designed to celebrate all the small wins along the journey back to health. This is the perfect place to start!
Two programs that help you have fun discovering the athlete you’ve always known you could be. If you’re bored, feeling stagnant or feeling confused on how to increase your athleticism, start training in G2 and eventually pass our assessment into G3. G2/3 gives you a simple way to unlock your athletic potential.  
Sessions Per Week
Unique Individuals Trained
5 Star Reviews

What Our Members Are Saying

“I love that the workouts are constantly changing, and that I always feel challenged but can also adapt exercises if I have pain or injury from which I am recovering. I love that I can feel myself getting stronger every week, and that my once chronic back pain has diminished for me so much that I rarely experience it! I love that it’s one of my favorite hours of the day that I can focus on myself and set everything aside when work and life is stressful. It has become a sanctuary for me – body, soul, mind, and spirit. I love that when I’m working out now I hear this new voice inside me whisper, “you can do this.” I love the proud feeling as I’m walking out the door that I *did* do it, and that feels great.”
- Sherilyn Keller
"As a former athlete I was looking for something in addition to those classes that would be a little more tailored to me, my body, and my goals. So for me my goal was to be stronger, more flexible, and to increase my endurance so I could surf more often and do it at a higher level. Prior to Gymnazo, I hadn’t been surfing for a few years due to injury. After a short time in small group classes I started to get back out in the water again. However, once I started working closely with the coaches in semi private sessions I noticed that my level of performance rapidly increased and I was performing at a level that I hadn’t seen in 10+ years. I have a great time at Gymnazo, the coaches are amazing and keep me accountable, and I love the results."
- Morgan Wright
"In addition to your awesome staff, who teach the moves then help us do them optimally, the workouts are physically challenging and mentally engaging. There is so much to think about and so little time to lollygag. Also, the classes are sized so that when I arrive I know that the information and tools I will need are waiting for me. There is none of that "OK, what should I do now. . ." thing that makes ordinary gym visits frustrating, particularly at peak hours. We never have to cool our heels waiting for someone else to get finished with a piece of equipment, so I feel that I am getting an outstanding amount of information, skill-building and exercise in a relatively short time."
- Carol Selby


  • Do I need to be in shape before coming to Gymnazo: No! Gyms are not for in shape people, gyms are for out of shape people. At Gymnazo we welcome individuals at  any level of fitness. 
  • Can anyone participate in the workouts: Yes! We offer different levels of workouts so that you can find the one that's right for you no matter what age you are or experience you have.
  • Can I still workout if there are certain movements I can't do (like squatting, lunging, etc.): Yes, our coaches are highly trained and educated in making modifications to exercises so that you can be successful in your workouts, despite any limitations. However, if you are experiencing pain with some of your movements, we encourage you to check out our semi-private or exclusive sessions first so we can create a more customized program to try to figure out what may be the root cause of your pain and see what we can do to help get you some relief.
  • ​What should you bring/wear: Wear whatever athletic clothes you feel comfortable moving and sweating in. This goes for shoes as well. We recommend bringing a water bottle and sweat towel with you if you would like.
  • How can I book my sessions: Sessions can be reserved up to 30 minutes prior to the their start time on our website,,  or mobile app, Gymnazo Studio.
  • Do you have showers: We have a complete locker room on site with showers. We also provide towels, shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

What Our Members Are Saying

"Since joining Gymnazo my arthritis and stiffness is gone. I am much stronger physically as well as mentally. I actually feel younger."
"One year ago I retired from my job. Most of my day was observing students. There was a lot of just sitting and standing. It was time to take care of myself. I had arthritis in my elbows, hips and knees. My body was stiff and hurt all the time. I just wanted to feel better. My friend Jenni had been talking about how great she felt and how much she loved Gymnazo. After gathering my courage I committed to my first three month of classes. This was the best decision I've ever made. 
Gymnazo is like no other gym I've experienced. The personal movement evaluations when you first join is key. Having a movement coach make notes on my personal physical needs, then give me instruction on exercises in semi-private sessions was a great start to feeling better. My G1 classes are the perfect size so I (everyone) get the personal attention needed during every workout. The workouts are great. They are designed for my level of exercise. 
The entire staff is one of the reasons why my experience at Gymnazo and my level of commitment to myself has been so positive. All the coaches know me and my personal needs. They make me feel important, cared for and wanted from the minutes I walk in the door and throughout my workout. When the Shelter in place order came out the virtual workouts and the Facebook daily workouts were the highlight of my day. During Covid the virtual classes have kept me strong physically and mentally. I haven't missed a beat. The virtual workouts have been just as personalized and effective as being in person at the facility. 
Since joining Gymnazo my arthritis and stiffness is gone. I am much stronger physically as well as mentally. I actually feel younger. I have made many friends. Gymnazo is not just a gym, it's a family."
- Lauren Harrow

"I love the fact that I can schedule a workout type and level that fits in with how I'm feeling on a given day, show up, be greeted by name, and be given clear and continued instruction, guidance, encouragement on each exercise"
"I knew Gymnazo was a high quality facility, but I didn't really have much of an idea of what to expect my first time (except the obvious bits: exercise in a group setting with a trainer). I was totally operating on my wife's descriptions of her experiences. Walking in the door that first time, I felt immediately welcomed by the staff, not only with their smiles, positivity, and enthusiasm, but also by the fact that they knew my name before I even had the chance to introduce myself. That, quite honestly, blew me away. And the first session? It was fantastic. To be honest though, I wasn't sure it's what I really wanted to do (over, or even as a supplement to my personal workout routine). But I decided I would definitely do the second session. My experience was exactly the same. After both sessions, I walked out feeling I had been given a great experience: a workout totally appropriate to my level of fitness (challenging but not overly so), the coaches consistently motivated, encouraged, and praised the work every participant was doing, and they never stopped paying attention to each person's posture, technique, and form. Both sessions ended up being something I had never experienced before, at any workout facility, anywhere. Gymnazo is truly a one-of-a-kind facility, operated by the most professional, well-informed, positive folks I've come across in the exercise industry. Yes, exercise professionals often present as positive and enthusiastic and passionate. And yes, they want to you to exercise well and reap the benefits. But the coaches and staff at Gymnazo are a totally different caliber of exercise professional. Their interest and passion for the health and well-being of clients, their obvious attention to everything (from the big picture to the little details), and their commitment to professional development through continuing education, makes them truly stand out. And then there's the way they create community. It's a truly special place.

For all those reasons, I decided to join. Sure, I love the fact that I can schedule a workout type and level that fits in with how I'm feeling on a given day, show up, be greeted by name, and be given clear and continued instruction, guidance, encouragement on each exercise. But what I really love is the fact that all that is accompanied by the qualities of the staff I noted earlier. They clearly want and know how to help me reach my fitness goals. You leave after each workout in so many ways better than when you walked in. I can tell that that will never change. Gymnazo is worth your time and effort."
- Rich G.
"Gymnazo is a place that strengthens movement in our bodies and it has given me so much joy. As we get older we can lean into physical challenges not steer away from them."
"I have been working out at Gymnazo for about 2 years and loving how it is adding so much to my life. I love the people, creative workouts and the intellect that is put into how we strengthen our bodies. I played on sports teams throughout my childhood through college at Cal Poly. I thrived being with friends and challenging myself as an athlete. After college working out became a chore and harder to make happen. Throw in working full time and having 3 kids, I found myself far from feeling like an athlete. In my late 30s I started to have foot pain and almost accepted that getting older meant not pushing myself as hard. Maybe I shouldn't run up mountains anymore since I was older.    
That all changed after walking through the doors at Gymnazo. In my first workout I felt like I was treated like an athlete again. It felt so good to be encouraged and challenged with great people beside me. I have also taken advantage of the semi private sessions to pursue my foot pain and have found complete recovery from it. In the fall I went on a 5 day backpacking trip. I did not do any extra training for it because I felt really strong from my workouts at Gymnazo. I came back and wasn't sore! My friends that went on the trip with me were really sore and had trained for it for months! I also recently ran an ultra trail race and felt great afterwards. Weekly I run up and down the mountains here in SLO and feel strong and young. Gymnazo is a place that strengthens movement in our bodies and it has given me so much joy. As we get older we can lean into physical challenges not steer away from them."
- Amanda Caldwell

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